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How to motivate yourself to study

Psychologists divide motivation into extrinsic and intrinsic. If you work harder because you were promised a bonus, this is extrinsic motivation. If you enjoy the process of work or study, feel the need for self-realization, this is internal motivation.

In the long run, intrinsic motivation wins out. If you want to learn how to write written papers then using Bidforwriting is very essential as it helps to develop intrinsic motivation. Doing the same thing for a long time - mastering a new profession, learning a foreign language - is impossible if you study because of external incentives. But don’t completely discount extrinsic motivation: sometimes you just need to learn a certain amount of information, even if you don’t like the subject itself.

So, what are the ways to keep yourself motivated to study and work?

Set goals with clear deadlines
Being intrinsically motivated does not mean that you should neglect any discipline and learn only from inspiration. Set deadlines for each of your goals, just remember: they must be realistic. Set a deadline for writing an essay and if you don't know how to write and ask for help writing an essay, then you will reach your goal faster. This is very helpful in goal setting.

Use social pressure

“It is impossible to live in society and be free from society.” Other people have a powerful influence on us. But they also influence our creativity. for example using allows you to analyze the data that comes through people and correctly arrange your thought on a sheet. Why not use it wisely? Sign up for face-to-face courses with live discussion of the material or join the online chat. When we know that there are like-minded people nearby, it is much easier to learn.

Focus on growth, not ability

Carol S. Dweck, a professor at Stanford University and one of the world's leading experts on motivation, came to an interesting conclusion in her research. Fixed-minded people (they believe that success is based on innate ability) achieve less than people with a flexible, growth mindset. Others believe that their success is the result of perseverance, learning and hard work. It follows from this: praise yourself for the efforts made and do not be afraid to make mistakes.

Get Started

We tend to think that motivation is the reason for our actions. But what if we treat it as a consequence? Very often, motivation is born in the process of activity. Agree with yourself: if after 30 minutes of study you do not want to continue, you have every right to finish it for today.

Turn learning into a game

Game elements make any study more enjoyable. Color circles, tick boxes, mark your progress in checklists and applications (for example, in 365done or Todoist). When you know that part of the path has already been traveled, it is much easier to move forward.

At any age, you can learn to enjoy learning. The main thing is to understand why you specifically need this knowledge and what style of learning is right for you.Take advantage of your age—responsibility, independence, and experience—and develop your intrinsic motivation to learn.

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